Eijiro Dictionary is one of my favourite learning tools, although I sometimes question its content… here are some very funny example phrases I found when looking at the 何 kanji:

  • 何?!まさか、そんなこと。コンドームだって毎回使ったし!
    "No, no way. I used a condom every time!"
  • 何?!何があったの?奥さんが私たちのこと知ってしまったの?
    "What happened? Your wife found out about us?"
  • 何?!畜生、自分を何様だと思ってんだよ!?やつ、いくつ?結婚してたよね?
    "What?! Who the hell does he think he is!? How old is he anyways? Isn’t he married?"
  • 何、このにおい?
    "What’s that smell?"

I hope these won’t be useful to anyone LOL

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