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056 – 062/365 (and a few more photos from this week)

Posted: March 3rd, 2013 | Tags: | Posted in: Photography

It has been a week of moon rises, sunsets, walking, nice weather and generally good times.

I have stuck to the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L Series lens most of the weekend, and have enjoyed using it for a change. Isolating things is sometimes more interesting than grabbing “the big picture”, and it makes me think a bit harder about composition. I’ve also been experimenting with film emulation in Adobe Lightroom – and I’m starting to settle on this as being the way I’d like most of my images to look.

The grand finale to the week was a lovely walk with Kirsty down the Thurso River at Dirlot Castle to the old Knockdoo Quarry, such an interesting place. Walking over the heathery wet ground for the first time this year was good fun too! We stopped for our sandwiches along the quarry track and managed to find a sunny spot out of the breeze – it felt warm and was a real appetiser for the (hopefully good) summer ahead!

Dirlot CastleDevil's PoolDirlot CastleDalemore FarmA fine rural scene :)RiversidePier LightingLighthouseSunset from the islands at Wick Riverside.Moonrise over the Norseman HotelMoonrise on one side, and sunset on the other - from the islandsCatholic Church, ThursoSunrise whilst waiting for the bus062/365 - Dirlot Castle (ruins)061/365 - Fisherman on Wick River.060/365 - Adventures in film emulation in Lightroom. Thanks horse!059/365 - Wick's North and South River Piers058/365 - The Trinkie.057/365 - You all know what it is :)056/365 - Moonrise in Wick

Sometimes I think I take too many photos :)