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077 – 083/365 – A week of stormy seas in Wick

Posted: March 24th, 2013 | Tags: | Posted in: Photography

This week’s 365 challenge photos… mostly of stormy weather in Wick Bay.

The weather has been a bit dreich to say the least, but it has yielded some nice moody photography. The huge waves in Wick Bay never fail to impress and humble me, but I am starting to look forward to some warmer weather and more colourful photography.

I walked out the road to the Trinkie twice this weekend in fairly foul weather with constant sea spray drenching me, and as a result I seem to have developed some sort of wind burn on my face. One of these trips however produced one of my all-time favourite shots – the one below of the waves reaching the top of the cliffs at Oldwick Castle. That alone has made the constant camera cleaning and numb fingers all worthwhile.

But, can we have spring now? Please.

Castle of Oldwick long exposureCastle of OldwickSome stormy weather in Wick BaySome stormy weather in Wick BaySome stormy weather in Wick BayBlackrock seemed like the perfect place to be tonight.BlackrockThe BayStevenson's Breakwater083/365 - A break from the sea082/365 - Oldwick Castle after an exfoliating walk081/365 - I don't get tired of Wick Bay in stormy weather - sorry080/365 - Another stormy night in the bay079/365 - Sunset at Blackrock078/365 - Snowfall long exposure077/365 - Some stormy weather in Wick Bay