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238-244/365 and the rest

Posted: September 1st, 2013 | Tags: | Posted in: Photography

I have very much enjoyed a week of long exposure photography, with all the images being captured between the South River Pier and Stevenson’s Breakwater. The area at the back of the South Pier is the only spot of sand I know of around Wick’s coastline, the nearest beach being at Reiss, and makes a great spot for catching gentle waves rolling over the sand. The rocky shore between the Old Lifeboat Shed and Stevenson’s Breakwater is a fantastic spot for long exposure photography, with its crazy looking lumps of rock and the ruined breakwater itself.

I’m actually as pleased with the images this week as I was with the images I took the week earlier on the beautiful island of Skye!

South HeadAlong the South HeadRockSouth HeadFrom the end of the South River Pier at dusk… that's one slippy walk out there!Sea worn stones of the South Pier244/365 - What's left of Thomas Stevenson's Breakwater243/365 - Water and rock, the usual :)242/365 - Along the South Head241/365 - Wick Bay from the South River Pier (205 second long exposure at240/365 - Back of the South Pier - probably had my money's worth from this spot!239/365 - Not the Lifeboat shed again! :)238/365 - South Pier, Wick