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070 – 076/365 – A week of man flu

Posted: March 17th, 2013 | Tags: | Posted in: Photography

Not the most fantastic week for taking photos. I have felt rubbish for a whole week now, and it still hasn’t gone away. I’ve not had a cold like this one for a while, where a short walk makes me breathless and light-headed.

Due to the lurgy these photos were mostly all taken inside or very short distances from the house, from the window or a very short distance from a car.

Staxigoe - last one :)StaxigoeWick RiverWick River at dusk076/365 - Staxigoe075/365 - Dreich weather at the South Head.074/365 - Just messing around073/365 - Mother Goose072/365 - Herring Gulls enjoying some morning sunlight.071/365 - Talisker glass070/365 - My day summed up quite well - meh!