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Image usage rights

Personal Usage Rights – £0.00 (yep, free!)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. This essentially means that to use my images for free you have to follow these rules:

  • Your use of my image must be non-commercial (this does not include non-profit organisations)
  • You must credit me (Gordon Mackay) as the photographer with a link to this site (www.gordonmac.com)
  • You may not alter, transform, or build upon my photos (eg. scaling is fine, but cropping and converting to black and white or (god forbid) sepia isn’t)

Note: The images displayed on this site are all fairly small resolution, and won’t look good in print projects. For a high-resolution file you are required to buy Commercial Image Licence.

Commercial Image Licence – £29.95

You must buy a commercial license to use my image in association with a business, money-making venture, company or any organisation, this includes non-profit organisations.

To buy an image licence or print please use my contact information page to send me the link to the place you found the image, then I’ll send you a link to the payment page. Once the transaction is complete you’ll then receive your high-resolution image.

Ordering Prints

Option Price
12×8″ (or A4, 10×8, 10×7) Lustre or Gloss £15.99
15×10″ Lustre or Gloss £26.99
18×12″ (or 16×12, A3) Lustre or Gloss £34.99
24×16″ (or 20×16) Lustre or Gloss £44.99
30×20″ Lustre or Gloss £57.00

All prices include postage and packing.

To order prints of my photos just fill in the form below and let me know which image you would like.