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Melvich, Sutherland

Posted: January 10th, 2013 | Tags: | Posted in: Family, Photography

For some reason, best known to myself, I have never had my camera with me out there before when visiting my brother in Melvich. This Last year, however, I did take my camera with me when I went there for Christmas, and as a bonus, Vicky (my brother’s partner) received a new Canon DSLR for Christmas! As a result we were out taking photos on Christmas Day and Boxing Day – she had to learn how to use it, right? :)

I took lots of photos whilst staying at their house, most of them are just family oriented snaps, but I thought I’d share some of the landscapes I took just so you can see how pretty Melvich is. In fact, Melvich is fairly indicative of the beauty of Sutherland in general.

Halladale RiverHalladale RiverUnder a bridgeMelvich BayMelvich Beach on Christmas DayRiver Halladale and Bighouse LodgeMelvich BayMy brother's cat coming for a walk with usRiver Halladale and Bighouse LodgeMelvich Beach on Christmas DayLow tide at Melvich