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About Me

I am from Caithness, a county in the far north of Scotland where I live with my partner, Kirsty and my son. I have always lived in Caithness, and have no intention of ever leaving. Many people see our flat county as a boring, desolate expanse – I don’t think that. Clearly these people have never looked upon our beautiful coast, nor have they opened their eyes to see the amount of life existing in our unique bog lands.

Caithness may be a flat county geographically, but it is far from being boring :)

Web Development

I started building websites back in 2001. I am completely self-taught in writing HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery. I have written articles for Adobe and Community MX and have been an active member of the web development community for several years. Currently I concentrate on developing custom themes and plugins for WordPress, and dabble in local SEO.

My software toolbox for web development consists of Coda, Compass, Adobe Photoshop CC, xScope and Sequel Pro.


Photography is a passion of mine, and whilst it is not my job or full-time career, I consider myself to be a dedicated enthusiast. The great thing about being an enthusiast is that you are often more enthusiastic than the people who are actually charging clients!

I primarily use a full-frame Canon EOS 5D MKII camera for the majority of the photos I take, with the odd iPhone photograph thrown in for good measure, or when, more truthfully, the iPhone was the only camera I had with me.

To see what I use, have a look at My Camera Gear, to see the photos I take have a look at my Gallery.