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Project 365

121/365 - Wick harbour tower thingy at sunset120/365 - Enjoying these low tides117/365 - The Scorrie, most loathed bird in Wick.112/365102/365 - Funny the things you find in Wick sometimes.085/365 - Dempster Street in the moonlight. Normally hate the colour of street lighting. This is a first where I've not gone for black & white.083/365 - A break from the sea072/365 - Herring Gulls enjoying some morning sunlight on the rooftops of Wick064/365 - RNLI Roy Barker II060/365 - Adventures in film emulation in Lightroom.053/365 - Dusk from the Coghill Bridge (Fujifilm X10)052/365 - Wick Caravan Site051/365 - Pulteneytown Peoples Project187/365 - Dunbeath175/365 - Old Parish Church171/365 - Some more macro fun with the Fujifilm X10 compact167/365 - Cuckoo Flower (Playing around with the Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM and Lens Extension Tube EF 12 II)163/365 - Small Waterfall at Inchnadamph, Assynt - Take 2161/365159/365 - Isabella Fortuna at Dunbeath143/365 - Rois Maria (OB 48) in Wick Bay141/365 - Thurso Riverside Park139/365 - Kirsty at Duncansby136/365132/365 - MacLeod188/365 - Scrabster189/365 - Wick Lifeboat Roy Barker II heading out into the bay190/365191/365 - Staxigoe192/365 - Old Lifeboat shed slipway - quite slippy indeed!193/365 - Another favourite of mine, the Great black-backed Gull Larus marinus)194/365 - Quack-quack195/365 - Reisgill Burn196/365197/365 - Longberry and Castle of Old Wick198/365 - So busy arguing with Stupid I forgot to post this last night199/365 - Wee islands202/365 - A wee climb to get this one :D200/365 - Isabella Fortuna passing the South Pier203/365 - South Head Quarry and Coastguard Station201/365204/365 - Old Parish Church Cemetery205/365 - Sunset at the Old Lifeboat Shed206/365 - Old Green Road Slaughterhouse207/365 - Old Lifeboat Shed in fog208/365 - Rock-hopping at the South Head and playing around with a ten stop filter on a long lens209/365 - A driech post-Gala Sundayl210/365 - The Gala Week Gymkhana211/365 - A field212/365 - Ye olde archways of Lower Pulteney :)213/365214/365 - I think I have a Scorrie problem, but they're great :D215/365 - Caithness Harbours, you can't beat them :)216/365 - Duncansby217/365 - I like grainy photos (boom-boom)218/365219/365220/365 - A bit of fog tonight...221/365222/365 - North Baths223/365 - Loch Scye224/365 - Sailing boat - Wick Bay225/365 - Pilot House, Wick226/365 - Wick River227/365 - 'e Harbour228/365 - B-fest security229/365230/365231/365 - Skye Bridge232/365 - Staffin Bay, Skye233/365 - Rubha Hunish, Skye234/365 - MacLeod up above Plockton. Many thanks to Donald Morrison for being a fantastic guide!235/365 - Dingwall236/365 - Some of my Mum's greenhouse goodies237/365 - Looking a bit arid out at Loch More today!181/365 - Brig o' Stack153/365108/365104/365095/365 - Has spring arrived in Wick?097/365 - Railway079/365 - Sunset at Blackrock046/365 - South Head036/365 - W. Paterson Smith Fountain023/365 - Eggs (Sorry, stuck at home)238/365 - South Pier, Wick182/365 - Stop the Pigeon154/365 - "Moonspinner" in Wick Bay124/365 - After being in the pub this is how bothered I can be to take a photo today126/365 - Memorial flags099/365005/365 - Peppers098/365 - Lower Gillock018/365 - dusk, wind, cloud and Moon… quite a good combination096/365010/365 - Old Pulteney Distillery006/365 - Mountain Dew Bar093/365 - Dusk044/365 - Snowy Thurso039/365 - Dusk003/365 - Kirsty's Candle086/365 - Sunset, Wick034/365 - Out near Loch Gaineimh031/365 - The Camps002/365 - Last shot of the Xmas tree084/365 - we have colour!030/365028/365 - Service Bridge001/365 - Some sunlight on a fairly dreich walk up the river on New Year's Day242/365 - Along the South Head077/365 - Some stormy weather in Wick Bay186/365 - Whalligoe020/365 - Prisoner's Leap173/365066/365 - Ye Olde Parish Church (X10)169/365 - Getting back into using the Fujifilm X10 compact019/365 - Kirsty one-is-not-amused MacLeod waiting for me to finish taking photos :)165/365042/365 - Wick Sheriff Court (Fujifilm X10)160/365 - Mother goose and her goslings having a drink.017/365 - Nothing exciting :)157/365041/365 - A trip over to the other side of the county142/365016/365 - Wind turbine sails at Wick Harbour137/365037/365 - River Street134/365 - Nothing to see here, just another one of my photos of Wick Harbour013/365 - WW2 Relics129/365 - Keiss Harbour032/365022/365 - Arrrrh011/365 - Wick Railway Station023/365 - Puddle contents029/365 - Lovely Caithness weather114/365 - James Bremner Monument, Wick015/365 - The Blackstairs088/365 - Scot Explorer being piloted into Wick Bay025/365 - Wine LabelsSouth Pier long exposure113/365022/365 - Fire!014/365 - Aloe239/365 - Not the Lifeboat shed again! :)103/365 - Trainspotting115/365109/365 - Bridge Street012/365 - Caithness General Hospital185/365 - Photobombed :)179/365 - because everyone loves a Scorrie :)105/365078/365 - Snowfall long exposure151/365008/365 08/365 - Discouragement155/365 - South River Pier069/365 - Full of the cold, the only view today was the light coming in the window176/365 - Dredge spoil on the South Pier119/365 - The tide hasn't been low enough for me to get this before.148/365 - Wick River068/365 - Seen better days076/365 - Staxigoe007/365 - Movement131/365 - Enjoying the long exposures at the moment062/365 - Dirlot Castle (ruins)177/365 - The horse that lives up the river...149/365 - Stripes059/365 - Wick's North and South River Piers107/365004/365 - Friday Night111/365055/365 - Bumped into our neighbours and their kid.180/365 - Dwarwick Pier178/365 - Takeoff150/365 - Crystall Dawn entering Wick Harbour054/365 - A wander round the loch152/365 - Helmsdale War Memorial050/365 - Harbour Road/ Bexley Terrace116/365 - Playing around with Alien Skin Exposure in Photoshop049/365 - Riverside path (Fujifilm X10)110/365243/365 - Rocky shore070/365 - My day summed up quite well - meh!184/365 - 8 minute long exposure at Stack o' Brough040/365 - First few shots with the wee Fujifilm X10...174/365 - Umbelliferae galore! (X10)035/365170/365 - A quick wander to the braes with the little X10009/365 - Things falling apart166/365 - 1949 Alvis TA14100/365 - Wick River158/365North Quay (40 second exposure)147/365 - On the slipway240/365145/365 - "Lucky Lassie" leaving Wick's Outer Harbour090/365 - The Trinkie on a sunny Sunday089/365 - Leodibest087/365 - post-sunset080/365 - Another stormy night in the bay073/365 - Mother Goose071/365 - Talisker061/365 - Fisherman on Wick River.047/365 - "Island Girl"043/365 - More cobbles and streetlamps :)038/365 - Colour returns spring 2013033/365 - Glen of Imaal Terrier.027/365 - Wick Riverside looking suitably bleak.026/365 - First time outside with the camera in a week!024/365 - The Wine Cat241/365 - Wick Bay long exposure183/365 - Above the South Head (X10)172/365 - Wick Riverside Park168/365 - Playing around with the macro settings on the Fujifilm X10 compact164/365 - Can't get away from boats :)162/365 - Rhue Lighthouse144/365 - Union Street140/365 - Boat graveyard138/365 - Bluebells133/365 - Castle Sinclair Girnigoe127/365 - Loch Watten125/365 - Stack o' Brough after a fine walk along the coast106/365101/365092/365 - Harbour stuff081/365 - I don't get tired of Wick Bay in stormy weather - sorry075/365 - Dreich weather at the South Head.074/365 - Just messing around067/365 - A 214 second exposure of trees in the wind… I quite like it.065/365 - An oil tank and a fence - 300 days to go! YAY!063/365 - My new iPhone058/365 - The Trinkie. A favourite shot redone at dusk.057/365 - You all know what it is :)056/365 - Moonrise in Wick048/365 - Caithness waterfalls ain't too bad!045/365 - All weather football pitch135/365128/365244/365 - What's left of Thomas Stevenson's Breakwater245/365 - All 2865 tons of the oil/chemical tanker "Clipper Bourgogne" berthed at the North Quay246/365 - Wick Harbour at dusk247/365 - Almost home248/365249/365 - South Pier250/365 - South Head earlier this afternoon - all sunny and nice now!251/365252/365 - Wick River. ND grads, they're great :)253/365 - A quick nip out with the camera.254/365 - Pointing the camera away from the sunset255/365 - Surprisingly managed to keep the dreich off the lens tonight.256/365257/365 - South Head - The product of the 10 stop filter and ND grad combo258/365259/365 - Nairn's Sunny East Beach :D260/365 - Macleod on our 10 mile round-trip to Cawdor and back along the River Nairn261/365 - Findhorn262/365 - East Breakwater, Nairn263/365 - Some more old wood in the water :)264/365265/365266/365267/365268/365269/365270/365271/365272/365273/365274/365275/365276/365277/365278/365279/365280/365281/365282/365283/365284/365285/365286/365287/365288/365299/365300/365301/365302/365303/365304/365305/365306/365307/365308/365309/365310/365311/365312/365313/365314/365