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Posted: May 6th, 2015 | Posted in: General
SNP: Stronger for Scotland
SNP: Stronger for Scotland

In recent weeks it has become very clear to me that Labour, The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have focussed themselves on condescension and an attempted delegitimisation of Scotland’s voice within the United Kingdom government, rather than forming a progressive pro-union voice, informing people of Scotland about how they would include us in a plan to reestablish the dis-united kingdom we find ourselves in following the independence referendum.

The one thing I’m absolutely sure won’t make Scotland a better place is one nationalism versus another, and we shouldn’t allow the hypocrisy of one nationalism pretending it isn’t one, while demonising and lampooning the other, shape the political landscape of the United Kingdom that we chose to be a part of.

As far as I’m concerned, the SNP, rather than simply insulting other political parties, has acknowledged the many unpleasant truths about the current state of the United Kingdom, and have offered to assist other parties to turn things around, in a fairer way — rather than simply opting for the same old, with the added misery of additional and relentless austerity cuts.

I’ve made up my mind about the Scotland I want to live in, and contrary to what Labour politicians, Liberal Democrat politicians, Conservative politicians and the majority of the media would have me believe, there’s a lot more to making things better in our country than a simple argument over self-governance versus the Union, and it all starts with Scotland having a better, level-headed, stronger voice in Westminster, and that’s why I’m voting SNP.