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Stormy sea in Wick Bay, Caithness – 19th January 2014

Posted: January 19th, 2014 | Tags: | Posted in: Photography

After being down in Inverness for a car service yesterday it was nice  to get out for a walk today, even if it was stormy! I love photographing the sea, and even more so when it’s in a foul sort of mood!

For the past few days the seas around Wick have been fairly rough, I’ve been able to hear it booming away every time I’ve left the house to go anywhere. So, today we went for a look down around the bay at high tide… impressive seas.

Never very good for the poor harbour though, looked like it was taking a hammering. I’m always surprised to see the South Pier Lighthouse still standing after the poundings it has taken.

First time I’ve seen the sea like that since the 15th December 2012.